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Why 'Average' Should Be Obsolete From A Grad's Dictionary

Why 'Average' Should Be Obsolete From A Grad's Dictionary

Your mum and dad probably bought a house for a tenth of the price that they sell for now. Every time you hear about it it sounds like the cross between an urban myth and a joke - that amount can barely fuel your twenty-something life for a year let alone pay for a decent property.

In this climate, you can no longer be ‘just enough’. There’s no room for it.

With university offers bumping up their requirements, coursework becoming more and more a ‘be all and end all’, and interviewers prodding you about work experience and personality tests and questions about yourself that you didn’t even think mattered. You’ve lived to see talks of rent sky-rocketing (when did we have to start caring about this?) all over the news and even Freddo’s are jumping on the bandwagon - competing with yourself and everyone around you has naturally become your bread and butter, because if you don’t, how do
you expect to have the money and experience to survive the new world?

You can no longer be ‘just enough’ because flailing a little means being left behind. Mediocrity is knowing you’ll be okay for a little while, but sleeping with one eye open. Soaring above the rest is the best form of security you can give to yourself. Equally, it’s not just that you can’t be average - adulthood isn’t constantly breathing down your neck telling you earning a certain amount or completing your bucket list has to be done ‘or else’ - but it’s also that high-achievers simply don’t want to be average. The generations of the past relied on word of mouth or a mate of a mate to tell them what’s next.

The last 20 years has rolled out so much in terms of innovation and made us so aware of ourselves and experiences beyond our own that we’re much more aware of what life has to offer. Social media, for one, has introduced us to an endless amount of possibilities, so grads are no longer constrained to one view of where their life could go. You see CEOs on LinkedIn talking about how they made something from nothing and Instagram and Google are never lacking motivation - it’s drilled into today’s young people that you have the ability to pick and choose what you do, and that you definitely aren’t limited to what you know, which means that one set definition of ‘the norm’ no longer exists.

Polls on Twitter, Industry professionals at your fingertips, and an entire arsenal of resources telling you to defy what’s written and do the extraordinary - you’d be wrong if you said 'average' is all you’ll know because you’ve got everything you need to be far from average.
Having your life mapped out like twenty-somethings before you isn’t a bad thing, but you’ve now got the potential to put your life on fast forward - and when you’ve been told there are no boundaries to what you could achieve and when you can achieve it, why limit yourself?

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