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What is a graduate recruitment consultant?

  • Posted: 30/10/2019
What is a graduate recruitment consultant?

Every recruiter bringing home six-figure salaries started somewhere and while many make the career look easy, it’s only because they’ve spent years building their skills. Typically, many recruiters begin their careers fresh from university as a graduate recruitment consultant and from here, see their career prospects rocket as they climb the ranks.

While recruitment may just seem to be placing candidates in jobs, scratch the surface and it’s so much more. It’s not simply enough to place someone, they need to fit the company’s culture and, more importantly, find an environment where they can thrive for many years.

What is the average salary of a graduate recruitment consultant?

The career priorities of graduates have shifted, they’re no longer interested in a huge salary if it means being stuck in a cubicle all day. Today there are more deciding factors including progression, a healthy work-life balance, and employee benefits, and they all need to be factored into any vacancy.

Working in the recruitment industry means you don’t have to sacrifice your work-life balance to chase pound signs. According to Totaljobs, the standard starting salary for a graduate pursuing a career in recruitment is around £25,000. However, this figure changes depending on the region.

According to Totaljobs’ figures, Leeds has the highest average salary at £42,500, while Leicester had the lowest at £21,000. While this may provide an indication of the figures graduate recruitment consultants can earn across the UK, it may not paint a complete picture due to a limited amount of responses.

At G2V, our graduate recruitment consultants can earn up to £40,000 if they consistently smash their targets. Alongside this, we offer exciting international opportunities, luxury company holidays and the ability to earn a six-figure salary in as little as 2 years.

What skills do you need to be a graduate recruitment consultant?

While many career paths frustratingly ask for years of experience, even in entry roles, a career as a graduate recruiter simply requires a drive to succeed. This makes it a perfect opportunity for those motivated by fast progression and lucrative rewards.

People skills are a crucial part of any recruitment career. Once graduate recruiters begin to take on their own projects, they’ll be sifting through CVs and liaising with candidates to find the right fit for their vacancy. Once a shortlist of candidates has been created, the recruiter will then get in contact with the client to present these potential employees.

Fortunately, most of your training will take place on the job with a hands-on approach. This means hard-working graduates can quickly pick up the necessary skills to realise their potential as great recruiters.

For graduates, recruitment can be a rewarding and profitable career with benefits including generous commission schemes and perks. So, if you’re fresh out of university and considering pursuing this career path, get in touch today and follow in the footsteps of our experts.

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