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What does a career as a recruitment consultant mean?

  • Posted: 06/02/2020
What does a career as a recruitment consultant mean?

Hopefully, you’ve stumbled across this blog because you’re interested in and have heard about recruitment consultant jobs. Perhaps you’ve researched "what does a recruitment consultant do?, how to get into recruitment? or what is a recruitment consultant?" and now want to know what a career in the industry truly means.

We understand and relate to the feelings graduates get as soon as they’ve recovered from that post-graduation party hangover or final deadline hand-in, when reality suddenly hits and the feeling of worry, panic and fear about what to do next kicks-in.

So, regardless of whether you’re considering getting into recruitment or not, take a few minutes to read through this blog and maybe by the end of it you’ll think recruitment might be for you!

Now we can’t speak for every recruitment company out there, they’ve all got their own way of doing things, but we can certainly give you an insight into what a career in recruitment at G2V means.

Organic Growth

One of our core values at G2V is organic growth, meaning we specialise in hiring talented graduates like you and only ever promote internally. Our organic growth model gives everyone an equal opportunity to progress in their career as quickly as possible with no-one standing in your way, something you’ll struggle to find in any other industry.

You could see yourself moving up our career ladder, going from Recruiter to Team Leader to Director in the space of just six years.

We do not limit your progression, we encourage it. You could find yourself working in some of the best cities in the UK as well as overseas with our international opportunities.

Commission structure & Earning Potential

Something you may have been wanting to know when considering a recruitment consultant role is what is the average salary? At G2V the answer to what a graduate recruitment consultant earns, comes down to the individual, depending on how ambitious, committed and driven they are.

Realistically with our uncapped commission structure, you could see yourself earning £40K to £50k within your first year and double that in your second! – a huge earning potential that cannot be ignored.

Social Environment

You may already be missing the social side of university life and thinking that those days are long gone, but as a recruitment consultant, you need not worry.

From your first day in your recruitment career, you will be greeted with and working alongside like-minded, ambitious and social individuals in an energetic and social environment.

The social aspects don’t stop there; we believe in rewarding hard work and results, and we offer some of the best benefits and incentives in the industry. From nights out and company lunch clubs at Michelin star restaurants to luxury holidays and even half a day off on your Birthday, we take care of you.

Learning and Development

Graduates like you are our passion and we’ll give you the tools you need to carve out your future in recruitment. If you have ambition, drive and desire to succeed in a recruitment career then you will go further, faster at G2V.

No previous experience is needed - unlike other jobs that demand this from you despite the fact you’re already more than qualified. Our learning and development department will support and guide you throughout your whole consultancy career.

You will be provided with a blended learning strategy, aimed at taking you from a graduate recruitment consultant to a top consultant who can walk the walk – a manager who continues to work with clients, make new deals whilst leading and developing their own team. This could be you!

Become an expert in your field

Perhaps you have a specific sector that you are interested in or that relates to your degree. Well, through G2V you can specialise in your chosen sector, giving you the chance to truly become an expert in an industry you are passionate about.

Through this, you will get the opportunity to interact and connect with various clients within your sector and access to industry experts, something you may have thought was unachievable.

If you’re interested in joining our team or want to find out more email your CV to

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