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What Do Grads Think When they Hear the Word ‘Career’?

What Do Grads Think When they Hear the Word ‘Career’?

Education provides a stable structure; you often know what the next step is. Primary school through to university - it’s all planned out. Once you graduate, you’re told that you’re looking for a ‘career.’ It may or may not fill you with dread, but all grads have these four thoughts when they hear the word ‘career’:

What does it mean?

You often hear the word ‘career’ when growing up, but no one actually tells you what one is and why you should get one. The actual definition of a career is ‘an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.’ So, you’ll get a job, have it for a long time, and climb the ranks.

But, is that the reality?

According to a Bureau of Labour statistics study, on average, people hold 11.7 jobs. With that fact, it doesn’t seem like a career by definition is very realistic. How can you have a longlasting career when you’re constantly changing jobs?

This is where recruitment steps in as a good path to follow, as it offers one job, one career, with the chance to build your network and both your personal and business skills.

This is especially the case with G2V recruitment group, as you can make the leap from recruiter to director in the space of six years. That means staying in one place for a long time, as well as fast career progression - it’s the true definition of a career.

That’s too much to think about now

You’ve just got over a mountain of studying to finish your degree, so a career isn’t something you want to think about right now. When you’re a high achiever, it’s hard to throw yourself into something you don’t feel prepared for. Starting a career sounds final, and if it’s supposed to be for the long run, you don’t want to make the wrong choice, especially if you’re not sure what you’d like to go into. It can seem like a leap you aren’t ready for.

G2V can help you make that transition from graduate to being on an accelerating career path. If you’re used to being the best, and that’s what you want from your job, then a career in recruitment at G2V could be for you. It’s a clearly laid-out plan that you will get prepared for. It’s for the future. It doesn’t seem like something you need to consider when you’re so young. When you’re fresh out of uni it feels like you’ll be doing unpaid internships or at the bottom of the career ladder for a long time anyway, so what’s the point in thinking about a career right now? Well, if you’re happy to sit in the same role for a long time, without a pay rise, be our guest. If not, you should probably give it some thought. A lot of information out there says that you’ll eventually get promoted and achieve career
progression after you’ve done a job for 5-10 years. Well, not in recruitment.

Quick progression and plenty of money is yours; you just have to graft and want it.

Some sectors may expect that you follow a long-winded process to get to grips with things. Recruitment sees you getting stuck in, working a real job and earning plenty of money. A career with G2V could see you earning £45k in your first year. Making a six-figure
salary in your second year is possible with the uncapped bonus system, too!
Choosing a job that has such incentives is something to consider when you start applying. You have the chance to seize everything you want from life, now.

Where do I even start?

If you’re not certain about the options open to you, it’s hard to think about the career you’ll follow. Many companies offer desperate grads internships or base-level jobs, which isn’t attractive to those who are ambitious. G2V only hire graduates, because rewarding and investing in young talent is important for the future of recruitment. You’re actually valued in this sector, not another intern expected to do your boss’s filing.

So, when you hear the word career and think ‘where do I even begin?’, we say: now, with G2V. Recruitment is a career choice that anyone bright and driven can enter. It will nurture you from the moment you graduate until you’re succeeding and earning big bucks.

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