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Top Tips for a Video Interview!

  • Posted: 27/03/2020
Top Tips for a Video Interview!

Top Tips for a Video Interview!

While many businesses are having to come to a standstill, here at the G2V Recruitment Group the Talent Team are adapting to a new ‘normal’. We are lucky enough to have the resources and technology available to continue to move forward in our growth plan and carry on with business as usual.

How are we adapting, you might ask?

Well, we are being flexible around our interview processes.

  1. Telephone interviews continue as normal – candidates/students have a little more time on their hands so use this to your advantage and speak with our Internal Recruiters to find out more about what the life of a Graduate Recruitment Consultant looks like, the kind of teams you’ll be working with and most importantly, the competences you need to be successful here
  2. Not only are we facilitating phone interviews, we’re also inviting candidates to join our video calls. Don’t worry, we can all get a bit nervous to begin with but we just want to get to know you and prepare you further for speaking with our fantastic hiring managers!

So what is the best way to prepare for a video interview?

1. First and foremost – professionalism

Whilst we appreciate we are all on a lockdown and have nowhere to go (requiring minimum effort yay!) it is still best practice to dress appropriately and look the part. Not only will you come across professional, it will also get you in the right headspace to take on any form of interview. Pull a couple of gems out the wardrobe and you’ll be ready to perform and feeling your best!

2. Mind Set and Preparation

The mindset you are in will have a big influence on how you deal with your interview! So what’s the best way to put yourself into the most positive mindset? Prepare!

Preparation is key to acing the interview, confident in your answers. Researching the G2V Careers website and YouTube channel would be the best way to understand what the employers want to hear from you. It wouldn’t hurt to ask questions yourself and be inquisitive - asking questions indicates you are a proactive candidate!

3. Surroundings

Of course, with the current lockdown it’s likely you’re battling with younger siblings (fun), your cute but very loud barking dog or maybe your rather annoying flat mate who thinks he’s pro on the guitar and belts out Wonder Wall completely out of tune? None of these are ideal but make sure your surroundings are appropriate before your interviews i.e. you need to be able to hear questions, be in a quiet environment to think and sell yourself in every answer.

4. Eye contact

No one needs a creepy stare down the camera but instead maintain eye contact with your interviewer and show them you are indeed listening to the questions they are asking and remain engaged throughout the call.


Are you feeling ready and prepared to tackle a video interview?! With these tips in mind, you best believe you are ready to smash your next interview no matter which platform it may be in.

The Talent Team at G2V are actively hiring for graduates to join our Graduate Programmes, run monthly from June onwards. If you think you have what it takes to excel in a challenging, fast paced career – get in touch today!

Apply via with an updated CV and desired location & the team will be in touch to kick-start the interview process.


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