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Think Your Social Life is Over Once Uni is Over? Think Again…

Think Your Social Life is Over Once Uni is Over? Think Again…

Graduation means finishing years of academic study, getting your degree and it represents growing up. To some, it feels like the end of fun all together.

The nights of £1.50 pints at the SU and society meet-ups are long gone. But, it’s really not the end of the world, especially if you go into recruitment! Your social life is about to change, and you should embrace it! Here’s why:

The office is great

The office doesn’t have to fill you with misery at the thought of it. It can actually be really fun if you’re in the right career. Creative jobs, sales and the recruitment sector especially tend to have good company cultures. Recruitment is such a social job since building relationships with people is a key part of the role.

You aren’t just stuck staring at a computer screen all day - it’s actually active. There’s no cube that you’re chained from 9 to 5 like you envisaged the minute you land your first ‘grown-up’ job.

As a recruiter you’ll be moving around, speaking to clients on the phone, working in teams and utilising your personality to reach your professional goals. You’re hardly the hermit you feared you’d be post-graduation.

Your co-workers are just like you

The people you work with have most likely just graduated, too. G2V recruitment only hires graduates because they believe in rewarding and investing in young talent, so you’d be with people just like you - ambitious and young. 

Many people starting in your field will be making the transition from grad to young professional, so you’re bound to get along.

There’s also a lot of camaraderie when you hit targets and achieve anything positive - it’s about rewarding success and keeping morale high. There will be a lot of pats on the back and toasts for doing well. Co-workers often go out after a long day/week of smashing their jobs, too. It’s a part of the working culture. Socialising with work colleagues outside of work helps solidify the friendships you make in the office, and it’s nice to get out and let loose. The fact that you meet so many new people at work, means being showed new places. You’ll end up at some really cool spots you had no idea existed. You’ll be telling your friends from uni about all the quirky places you’ve discovered and impressing them when they come to visit.

Money money money

You can consistently earn 5k in commission per month after less than 12 months at G2V, so you’ll hardly need those student deals anymore.

Your social life can now involve nice dinners and guilt-free nights out.

You don’t become a connoisseur when you’ve got a bit of money in the bank, but you do vow to never taste cheap wine that shouldn’t be for human consumption again. The days of getting student bargain drinks that you’d force yourself to swallow at pre-drinks are
gone forever if you have the earning power and career progression of a recruiter. If you move to London, with the chance to earn 45k in your first year at G2V, you can explore the city comfortably. It’s a place that never stops, is full of culture, famous landmarks and history, so being there on a big budget leaves you with endless possibilities! You’d be working with others who’ve made the move to the big smoke, seeking the high-life, too - it’ll be a great new adventure.

Your uni social life might have come to an end, but you’re about to embark on an exciting new chapter which promises new friends, a fun working environment and the money to actually enjoy yourself.

If you’ve got drive, then G2V can give you the social life you thought wouldn’t exist after uni.

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