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Six Things Grads Will Spend Their First Paycheck On

Six Things Grads Will Spend Their First Paycheck On

You’ve done it - you’ve scored your first ‘grown-up’ job and have safely passed from student life to professional life, swapping day-long slumbers to a stable 9-5. Payday is almost upon you, and you await it with the same excitement you (secretly) await Love Island every evening with. The question is, how will you spend the money? We know...

1) A cheeky Nando’s…

Except it’s no longer that cheeky because you can actually afford it. As soon as the money lands in your account, you can run to the nearest Nando’s on your lunch break for some peri peri marinated tastiness. Grabbing a few items from Tesco’s Finest range no longer feels like a gamble either because grads know they’re no longer living on the breadline and, you know what? You don’t even have to go to the supermarket! UberEats breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Gone are the days of wondering whether you’ll be able to survive until student finance drops!

2) A cold drink

Whether that’s a pint of beer or a pint of Coca-Cola, you deserve a cold drink and a deep breath. You’ve achieved so much in one month. That first paycheck is definitely a cause for celebration, so sit back, and have a cold one with your new work colleagues. Or stand up and party hard, whatever floats your boat!

Nothing is more relaxing than a cold drink after being in work mode all week.

3) Clothes

The ‘dissertation in progress’ look, which was anything clean enough for the public eye, is long gone. Being paid a salary means less Primark and more Prada, though there is nothing better than a shopping binge at Primark - you can do it without the guilt now!
Topshop/Topman without the student discount seemed like a daunting future, but on payday, you’ll be straight on their website adding everything to your basket. Even get next day delivery so you can wear your new on-trend outfit to the bar tomorrow night.

4) Holiday

It’s the last working day of the month and all you can think about is how the world is your oyster the moment you check your bank account. Before, the only places you could go to were seaside towns and cities in your own country. Now, you’ve finally got the means to broaden your horizons - and what else to spend your first earnings on than an escape? 5* resorts in Dubai or Ibiza are well within your means now! High paying grad schemes, like recruitment, see you affording plenty of luxury holidays within the first six months in the job!

Penthouse by the beach to reward yourself for all that grafting? Sounds perfect.

5) Gadgets

It doesn’t look very professional when you’re in meetings and your laptop and your phone have cracks/marks on them because of three years of frantic essay writing and spilling Super Noodles on them during Netflix binges. Go to a tech store and buy the MacBook you’ve always dreamed of, and whilst you’re there get yourself that slick new phone with an amazing camera.

6) Cool new pad

Having a roof over your head is probably the most important thing to maintain - a cosy bed to pass out in after many hours of work, work, work is a reward in itself. Leaving university means you wave goodbye to the crumbling student halls and the lounge-less final-year house that had leaks more times than you can count on your fingers - a career means you actually have a choice over where you live. You’re no longer forced to live in flats with cracks and damp; you can get yourself a swanky new flat in the city. You also have the ability to spend money on furnishing your base to make it a home. ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ signs and silk pillows galore, anyone?

Sure, paying rent can be a massive pain, and you’re probably convinced it’s going to be a constant thing to deal with for years to come - but did you know grads just like you are working at G2V and buying their first houses just one year into employment? How many other graduate careers can you say that about? Find out more about what G2V can offer you, a young grad, right here. Added bonus, if you relocate to London, we’re offering a £500 living allowance for your first six months too. What are you waiting for?

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