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Live Your Best Life: Say Goodbye to the Post-Graduation Fear with a Career in Recruitment

Live Your Best Life: Say Goodbye to the Post-Graduation Fear with a Career in Recruitment

Many people ask themselves, did I do the wrong degree? Well, salary-benchmarking site Emolument analysed 2,400 salaries from graduates with less than two years' experience and bachelor degrees from UK universities to come up with a ranking.

Too often, graduates don’t think about the careers that are open to them. They narrow themselves down to traditional jobs, with poor starting salaries and little progression. It makes
living the high life a distant dream.

But, nobody considers a career in recruitment! It’s a fast-paced, exciting and booming business, and a fast-track to earning stacks of money from the get-go. Here at G2V, we’re looking for talented young graduates to join us as recruiters. You don’t need a background in anything; if you’re bright and driven, you have what it takes. Working with us will mean you earn commission from the start, and if you relocate to London you’ll get a £500 London living allowance - the high life really can become a reality!

So, bear this info in mind as you check out these graduate salary rankings:
15. Fine arts and design - £19,000
16. English literature - £21,000
17. Media, marketing and communication - £21,000
18. Psychology - £21,000
19. Chemistry and natural sciences - £23,000
20. Humanities (history, geography, politics...) - £25,000
21. Modern languages - £26,000
22. Law - £26,000
23. Physics, life sciences and healthcare - £27,000
24. Accounting, business and finance - £27,000
25. Computer sciences - £27,000
26. Mathematics and statistics - £27,000
27. Management and strategy - £27,000
28. Engineering - £28,000
29. Economics - £33,000

In comparison, a graduate job with G2V can earn you £45,000 in year 1!

Put your worries to rest, get your career going and start earning.

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