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How can I be successful in recruitment?

  • Posted: 30/10/2019
How can I be successful in recruitment?

As a graduate recruitment consultant, you’ll quickly find that your success lies within the success of the candidates you place.

Working with companies of all sizes across the world, a passion for helping people find better careers and a drive for personal development are essential to building a successful recruitment career. However, while experience does play a key part, there are plenty of habits and tactics used by the top recruiters to ensure they’re delivering the best results every day.

Embrace the evolving industry

The recruitment industry has undergone a major shift over the past decade. From the introduction of Google for Jobs to candidates changing their priorities, recruiters who embrace these changes are finding themselves at the forefront of the sector. Meanwhile, those who stay stuck in the past risk getting left behind.

Today, recruiters need to be more proactive when engaging with clients and candidates. The sector is filled with competitors, so find your unique selling points and make sure you’re using the latest tools to rise above the white noise plaguing the industry.

Be open to negotiations

From salaries to start dates, there’s plenty of different terms to be agreed upon. As a recruiter, you’re acting as an important middleman between your clients and candidates, so it’s your job to find an outcome that suits both parties.

Securing the top talent isn’t easy, especially when their salary expectations don’t match your client’s budgets. Fortunately, compromises can be made and as companies become more open to flexible working, candidates are willing to make concessions for a better work-life balance.

Think about your career development

Even if you’re just starting as a graduate recruitment consultant, you should be thinking about where your career can take you. Maybe you want to specialise within a specific niche, or you want to cover a broad range of sectors, having a roadmap can speed up your progression.

You may even be driven by money which isn’t a bad thing, the recruitment sector is filled with exciting potential just waiting for you to explore. At G2V we create personal development plans for all graduates through our ongoing training and support program. This ensures you’re always developing your skills and smashing new goals.

Remember, behind every CV is a person

At the end of the day, you’re affecting people’s lives. Changing jobs isn’t an easy choice for everyone and can come with serious risks. So, whether it’s the screening, interviewing or decision stage, focus on what the candidate needs.

They responded to you for a reason so give them a reason to trust you.  As a recruiter, you want to place candidates in an environment where they can thrive. In the long run, this can lead to repeat business and even referrals from clients and candidates alike.

So, if a career that rewards those who strive for success interests you, then G2V can help you go further faster. Get in touch today and take a look at our available opportunities which could see you working across the world.

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