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An Era of Instant (Grad)ification

An Era of Instant (Grad)ification

We know you graduates are strapped for time, so we’ll keep this quick. We’re millennials, living in an era of instant gratification. Good things used to come to those who waited - but now they come to those who go out and get them.

It used to be the case that you had to wait for a cheque to clear, had to sit tight until the phone rang, had to invest years of your life to climb up the company ladder. But now we’ve got instant payment, instant messaging, instant access to everything we need. So why should your career be any different?

We know it’s not easy being a student, and it certainly doesn’t get much easier when you graduate. You’re looking to start the next step of your life; you’ve got to build new relationships whilst trying to maintain current ones; you may have to move away and start-up somewhere new. Searching for a job is by far the toughest part, and there are so many questions to answer. Where do I want to work? How much do I want to earn? Will I be able to progress in this company?

There’s so much on offer, but so little opportunity for quick career progression. Grad schemes have some really great development programmes, but they’re not the right choice for everyone.

Have a long old think

If it’s the fast lane you want after graduation, then look no further. Recruitment is the best idea you never had! Often overlooked or under-appreciated, recruitment offers unrivaled starting salaries and bonuses, amazing social life and rewards, and career progression from day one. Yes, it really is possible to tick all the boxes.

You don’t want to lower yourself to a poorly-paid, dead-end job. You do want instant gratification after years of grafting at uni. You earned your degree, now you deserve a decent pay-off.

At G2V, success is instant. You could be earning £45K in your first year, and with uncapped bonuses averaging at £5K, you could be making a six-figure salary by your second year!

We never hire anyone in above you; we believe in rewarding and investing in our
talent with the promise of a fast-moving career.

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