Go Further, Go Faster at G2V Manchester

Why Manchester?

It always feels like something big, exciting and bit naughty is going to happen when you’re in Manchester. You’re always on the cusp of an adventure, and there’s always a party happening somewhere not far away from wherever you are.

Manchester is home to crazy bars and clubs that are on par with London (they call it the UK’s “second city”, but we’re not convinced), with equally amazing eateries to soak up all those ridiculous cocktails afterwards.

What makes it even better than London is that the cost of living is 33% cheaper, and a pint is half the price – you’ll live like inebriated royalty. And why not stick that beautifully-priced pint on the side of a good curry? “Curry Mile” has over 70 South Asian cuisine restaurants to try.

 Football fan? Well no biggie, but Man United, Man City, and Liverpool are all nearby, so it’s pretty much the best place in the world for it.

Manchester’s vibrant and diverse environment makes the city a magnet for top talent and business  too – attracting the best of the best to share in one of Europe’s most influential cities.

  • Ashley Marsh

    Two of the key problems facing our clients is the shortage of highly skilled design staff and the lack of recruiters with a genuine specialisation in a sector. To counteract this, consultants are tasked with a narrow, vertical market and set them the gauntlet of becoming an expert in their field. This involves going to various trade shows and exhibitions and following up every placement with a site-visit.

  • Dominic Hodgson

    We understand that recruitment is often less than 5% of a hiring manager’s job description. Our process removes the stress and pain from the recruitment process by setting clear parameters and set times to catch up so that our clients can manage their diaries without the fear of being chased.

  • Jaz D'avola

    Working at G2V is hard work but very rewarding. You are surrounded by likeminded individuals who all have a will to succeed. You can expect a loud, vibrant working environment with a solid team helping do develop and guide you on the road to becoming a great recruiter.

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