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Why Bristol?

We love being in Bristol and are proud to have it as the location of our headquarters -  we are based on the beautiful harbourside which is the best place to work in the city that feels like a village.

Bristol is constantly voted best place to live in the UK with a personality of it's own. Some say Bristol is trainers, not heels, with great pubs, not swanky bars, and cider, not champagne. That, too, sums up the vibe of the place … even if we’re not adverse to opening a bottle of bubbly when there is a success to celebrate.

You can have a great career here with all the rewards while enjoying a lifestyle that costs 22% less than in London. Plus there is no dismal commute.

  • Ashley Marsh

    I love the city … and earning more than most of my mates who are not in recruitment. Plus, we all get on really well. It’s a great team and you can create proper friendships.

  • Dominic Hodgson

    I like Bristol as everything is accessible, there is plenty to do and lots of variation. Working here is perfect – competitive but with teamwork and support. The team helps you to succeed.

  • Stella Webster

    The day-to-day management is great and we have continual training. I love it. Plus it feels like a family and, when you have a tough day, others offer support.

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