Corporate Responsibility Statement - G2V Group

Since our inception in 2004, we’ve taken our responsibility as a global corporate citizen seriously. We recognise the interdependence between the business community and wider society and believe that strong businesses and strong communities go hand-in-hand. We endeavour to do more than pay lip service to these values. Instead, we actively take steps to practice as we preach.

We feel privileged to make contributions to the third sector via our regular fundraising activities which have helped support charities including Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, UNICEF, Save The Children and Mind.

Above all, G2V is a people business, and in-house we believe strongly in providing a meritocratic, happy environment in which our employees can grow and develop as individuals.

Outwardly, we take great pride in our ability to secure great placements for our candidates as well as providing highly skilled, motivated workers for our clients. We are resolute in our commitment to conducting our business in a principled and responsible manner while working with clients who identify the value we create and endeavour to provide good working environments for our people.

In summary, G2V take seriously its responsibilities to all its stakeholders.